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If rodents take over your home, your life can quickly become miserable.

Rodents can cause property damage, as well as transmit diseases. If they decide to attack electronic cables they will chew them, causing a lot of damage.

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Mice and rats are also embarrassing to have in your house. Family and friends will begin to make assumptions about your hygiene. If you want to get rid of your rats and mice then you need to call our rodent control professionals at (858) 762-9005.

Mice and Rats Removal

Rodents are typically good at hiding in places that are difficult for humans to get to. Some people choose to attempt to capture the rats on their own. However, this can lead to wasted time, as well as frustration.

One of our licensed exterminators is going to be able to resolve your rat problem without disturbing the way your family lives. Our control expert will assess the facts about your home and select the best method of rodent removal. Call us and we can answer any questions that you have.

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